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how you know

when you can’t sleep because he’s on your mind. when you wake up from a dream being with them only to think of him. when the second you leave his car you call him to say “I miss you”. when you stop kissing just to look in his eyes and you can’t help that grin spread across your face no matter how hard you try. when you’re home alone at night reminiscing of the last time you were with him and you smile. when the thought of him makes you want to choke on your words because of how happy you are. when all you want to do is tell him every single bit of perfection you see in him. when only the thought of something bad happening between you two makes you cry. when you can’t let go of his hand whenever you’re with him. when you know “I love you” doesn’t explain even in the littlest how strongly you feel about him. when you plan of the different ways you can make his day. when seeing them once a week is like an addiction that only makes you want more time with them. when you see his smile it makes you overjoyed. when you don’t care how you look in public because you know he likes you no matter what. when he says “take off your makeup, you’re beautiful without it” and you complain on the outside but you can feel your heart get warm. when you crave his warmth. when you crave his presence. when you can’t sleep unless his limbs are wrapped around you. when you wonder how it’s possible someone this perfect spends his time with you. when he’s the only person you want to talk to 99% of the time. when you go places all you can think of is the two of you going back together. when you can only hope he can picture a at least a little of what you see. when you realize he’s the one and this is what the true love is like in the Disney movies is how you know you’ve fallen deeply and madly in love, a point of no return.

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